Technology That Advances Your Business,
Enhances Your Home, and Simplifies Your Life!

Technology That Advances Your Business, Enhances Your Home, and Simplifies Your Life!


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Avoid buying the wrong technology and wasting time and money. At Fearing's, we continually evaluate, test, and select the most effective and reliable audio, video, and security technologies for your business and home.

Be Proud of Your
Business and Home


You can be confident your investment is the best value. Your video and phone meetings happen flawlessly and your team is more productive. Your family and friends will be amazed as you effortlessly control your home's lights, music, video, security, and more.

Have a Dependable
and Trusted Partner


Thrilled, you made a wise investment in both the right technology and a local partner who has your back. You have technology that makes your business more productive, your home and business safer, more entertaining, and simplifies your life.

You shouldn't need to be an engineer to get the
latest technology that works and is easy to use.

  • Have you upgraded or bought technology that didn't work?
  • Are you confused or overwhelmed by the number of technology options?
  • Are you worried the technology you select will become obsolete too quickly?

How to Choose the Right Partner

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Choosing a technology partner is a big decision. You'll want to ensure your potential partner is trustworthy, capable, proven, innovative, and willing to take on your project. Click below to receive our guide to help you choose the right technology partner for you and your project.


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We care about our customers, our community, and our world and use our success to deliver exceptional value for our customers and to significantly and directly support groups like Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Schools for Haiti.


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Serving Businesses and Homeowners For Over 23 Years



Our primary commercial markets are corporate, manufacturing, hospitality healthcare, education, government, and houses of worship. See how we can advance your business with innovative and state-of-the-art audio, video, and security technologies.

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Smart Home Controls

With families spending so much time in their homes because of COVID-19, simplifying your home technology is imperative. You can automate just about everything in your home. Our experienced team has been assisting homeowners, builders, and architects in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. If you can dream it, we can do it!

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3 Steps to Advance Your Business and Simplify Your Life

1. Explore What
You Want

Meet with your dedicated Account Executive who assembles the right team to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs and situation. We document and prioritize these requirements to propose the best technology solutions.

2. Design and Plan
the Experience

Our technology experts use cutting-edge processes to select, design, engineer, and propose the best options with our recommendation that delivers what you want to advance your business, enhance your home, and simplify your life.

3. Support, the
Fearing’s Way

As your partner, we install and configure the selected design. We’ve got your back delivering comprehensive documentation, training you to use the technology simply, and supporting you. As technology evolves and changes, we make sure you continue enjoying your investment.

Delighting Customers For Over 23 Years

Commercial Testimonial

“We had multiple companies do proposals and quotes. Hands down Fearing’s was the best prepared and most responsive. The workers were very professional and the job sites were cleaned after each camera was installed.”

Jerry Cooper

Director of IT, Richland Hospital

Residential Testimonial

“Very organized and professional. Work was completed and we were very pleased with the outcome. Programmed our phones and our laptop and we really appreciated this!”

Ted and Patty Erickson

Why Trust Fearing's Audio Video Security

Today’s audio, video, and security technology is fantastic but can be complicated with overwhelming options, and many don’t know where to turn for guidance. We’ve assembled a team of experts to guide you in choosing the right system for your business and home, then custom design and install easy to use solutions to advance your business, enhance your home, and simplify your life. ...

At Fearing’s, we know you want to be informed and tech savvy. To do that, you need the latest audio, video, and security technology that works the way it’s supposed to.

Too often, these technologies are complicated, have countless options, and you don’t know what to select or whose advice to trust, which makes you feel confused and overwhelmed. We believe you shouldn’t need to be an engineer to select the latest audio, visual, and security technology that simplifies your life.

Your technology should work properly, and when it doesn’t, technology can be your worst enemy. For over 23 years, we continuously evaluate and test the most effective and reliable technologies for our customers. With a track record of excellence, award-winning, and cutting-edge processes, we help you create spaces and solutions that are elegant, beautiful, and effortlessly works. Now you can stop worrying about buying the wrong technology, wasting time and money, and instead be confident you made a wise investment in both the technology and your partner.

Committed to Excellence


Fearing’s Audio Video Security wants to help you in the war on COVID-19. Check out the new Counter COVID Technology Page that we continually update as we test new technologies, such as: