Today’s demand for high quality Video conferencing is unprecedented. Used effectively, Video conferencing is having a powerful and lasting effect on the way we all do business. Fearing’s Video Conferencing solutions interface with Zoom, Teams, Webex, Bluejeans and other cloud-based Conferencing solutions. By enhancing your collaborative communication experience, Fearing’s technology advances your business through increased productivity and reduced travel expenses.

Our high definition video conferencing systems go beyond the simple “talking heads” on a projector screen. The ability to instantly share information and presentations with immediate feedback has added another dynamic business advantage to video communications. Decisions can be made faster and products and services brought to market sooner.

Let Fearing’s video conferencing products and services go to work to advance your overall efficiency and productivity.


Video Presentation systems are integral to overall success. From internal client presentations and training to large scale systems needed for a convention center or arena, Fearing’s brings you Video excellence designed to have a profound effect on the participant and your productivity.

We have the vision and experience to maximize your presentation system. Let Fearing’s provide you with a customized solution designed to fit your needs.


Digital Signage is at the core of Visual communications and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising. At Fearing’s, we’ve been designing and installing these solutions for nearly two decades, integrating with industry frontrunners like Brightsign and Appspace.

As a Non-Advertising communications tool, Digital signage can be used to keep employees and occupants informed of current, important information as well as providing directional assistance through wayfinding. For internal company purposes, Digital signage allows you to share important dates across your company, KPI data, weather, Industry-Related announcements, events, and trigger mass notifications in case of emergency.

Let Fearing’s add your business to our list of successful Digital Signage partnerships.


Fearing’s expertise and innovation continues with Video Wall technology designed to put you on another level with unforgettable and exceptional visual experience deliveries. Our successful Video Wall installations include Zendesk, Vogel Brother’s Construction, Dane County Airport, The Safe House and many more partners in and around the Madison and Milwaukee WI area.

A video wall uniquely combining high-quality LCD displays or direct LED tiles offers a wide variety of capabilities with large-screen visualization. Video walls are central to Fearing’s AV experience and expertise with today’s most advanced video technology.

From anti-glare screens to near perfect color, our high-end systems utilize powerful and superior video optimization. With the proper design, intuitive user interfaces and Fearing’s expert installation, even the most complex video wall platforms can be operated with ease. Versatility and visual performance have the flexibility to come together as one large display or a large multi-window configuration.

Let Fearing’s make a difference by enhancing your video capabilities.


At the heart of every Presentation or Digital Signage system is the display.

Video displays come in many sizes and resolutions, including QLED 8K formats. It’s as simple as this: The Wrong Display=A Poor Experience. The Fearing’s team eliminates the possibility of substandard presentations or messaging with our experience in design to find the perfect solution to fulfil all of your Display objectives.

If you require a display larger than traditional LCD and a Video Wall doesn’t quite fit in the budget, modern Laser projectors are a viable and efficient option. You’ll get significantly brighter colors and increased reliability with no bulbs to worry about! Our projector options are also scalable to fit any need or application.

Let Fearing’s design the best solution to fit your presentation of digital signage needs.


ThinkHub, by T1V, enables all devices and displays to be connected for seamless interaction between instructors and groups. Connecting applications, people, ideas, and content – ThinkHub revolutionizes your ability to achieve high-level results wherever you are. Let Fearing’s take your Video capability, creativity and productivity to new heights:

  • Interactive Multi-touch
  • Remote and wireless collaboration
  • Video conferencing using Teams, Webex, Meetup and Zoom
  • Unlimited content and devices
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility to fit any room

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