At Fearing’s, we understand the responsibility to protect employees. We also recognize the extended commitment to those who trust that they’re fully protected while in the work environment.

From Local and Regional organizations to the largest Global corporations, Fearing’s provides commercial security system installation and everything you need for advanced safety in the workplace. We customize your security solutions by designing and implementing the system that works best for your organization. This might mean a Facility-Access control, Alarm systems or Video Surveillance network. Our systems are highly sophisticated yet easy to operate. Because safety is at the heart of what we do, we simply offer you the industry’s best commercial security systems.

Let the Fearing’s Security team of experts go to work to make you and your employees safer TODAY.


Our product quality, efficiency and customer support is recognized throughout the industry! Fearing’s provides Access Control and Door Intercom systems that are built on a foundation of versatility, flexibility, and scalability.

Fearing’s Access Control and Door Intercom solutions provide central command from a single system. Open doors, set schedules, communicate with and account for anyone in your facility through an administrative database that replaces the need for traditional keys. Central access and simplicity is critical to effectively operate your security system. Allowing for additional and immediate accessibility and control, Fearing’s Access Control systems are also easily managed in the cloud.

Beyond traditional access control, Fearing’s provides new touchless Biometric solutions, allowing you to open doors or activate a security turnstile through facial recognition or flash of your palm. Our touchless Biometric access control can even take a person’s temperature and deny access in the case of an abnormal reading.

Fearing’s has the capability to integrate these controls with our Time and Attendance solutions. Now (with a single interface) you’re able to combine your Access Control needs with Health, Safety, Time and Attendance!

Fearing’s also offers Easy-to-Use Visitor Management solutions to record the presence of all guests and provide temporary badging.

Contact us to learn how we can help you install a custom commercial building security system with the most sophisticated Access Control systems.


No commercial building security system is complete without state-of-the-art technology that allows you to monitor all activity for 24/7 protection. Fearing’s is a leader in Video surveillance, Video analytics, and Security Monitoring solutions.

Our Milwaukee and Madison teams have installed Enterprise-Grade security cameras for business and industry throughout Wisconsin to help secure and monitor their manufacturing processes, customer service activities, logistics and more. Fearing’s has also partnered with dozens of school districts, universities, and public libraries to provide advanced safety solutions.

Let Fearing’s experience address and advance your Security and Surveillance.


With no Intrusion detection, theft and vandalism is a real and present threat. You can’t personally stand guard at your business but Fearing’s alarm systems can and do. We’ve spent the time and resources to research and develop security systems that utilize the best and latest in detection technology

Peace of mind comes not only from knowing the doors are locked but being able to keeping monitor in real time. Fearing’s advanced mobile technology makes it possible to detect, arm or disarm an alarm system directly from your mobile device. You can rest knowing you have access to monitor and control at any time and from any location.

We also actively monitor your systems and can provide daily, weekly or monthly activity reporting.

24 hours a day/7 days a week, Fearing’s Intrusion Alarm systems are keeping your business secure.

Fearing’s also offers Trinity Gunshot Detection Alarm systems. Often called the “Fire Alarm for Active Shooters”, these alarms quickly and accurately locate an active shooter in your building and alert all inside. The alert simultaneously goes out to Emergency Responders so you get professional assistance as quickly as possible. For the protection and security of your people and property, you really can’t afford NOT to have a Gunshot Detection Alarm system in your facility.

We can help. Explore which system would work best for you. Contact a Fearing’s Security expert today.


Help prevent the spread of germs in your business or public area with a Thermal Camera capable of scanning surface body temperature and alerting you if someone has an elevated body temperature.

There are many options to choose from, including kiosks, combined metal detectors (for additional safety) and temperature scanners, stand-alone tablets, and body temperature readers that are integrated with a time tracking system and turnstile.

Let Fearing’s help you choose the best option for your customized Thermal application needs.

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