As a leading producer and employer in the U.S., Fearing’s takes immense pride in standing by our manufacturing partners. As a dedicated Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) member, we remain at the forefront of industry changes, meeting evolving demands and technological innovations head-on for clients in the Madison and Milwaukee, WI area. Our co-founder, Doug Fearing, is a member and an active contributor to the WMC Small Business Committee, showcasing his deep-rooted commitment to spur economic development across all strata. At Fearing’s, we recognize that the bedrock of any business lies in its productivity and safety. Significant growth in manufacturing is birthed from precise technological solutions and strategic planning. Our experts help businesses implement innovative technology such as access control systems, video surveillance, and mass notification systems to enhance safety.

Our expertise is not confined to one discipline but is an amalgamation of services that can effectively be utilized in manufacturing. Our history at Fearing’s is deeply rooted in our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions to boost productivity and ensure safety in manufacturing environments. This commitment is evident through our successful track record in implementing and integrating advanced video surveillance and access control systems. Across a broad spectrum of facilities in Madison and Milwaukee, WI, we have collaborated with esteemed partners such as Trek Bicycle, demonstrating our flexibility and aptitude in navigating unique business needs. Our systems augment security and foster a controlled and efficient operational environment, reinforcing the essence of our client-focused approach.

At Fearing’s, we design and install comprehensive communication solutions like plant-wide paging and mass notification systems, vital in maintaining streamlined workflow and quick response to potential issues. We’ve proven our expertise in these areas at plants, including Cardinal Glass, where we’ve also deployed structured cabling systems. Our proficiency in designing complex networks underscores our dedication to creating safe and productive workspaces. By enabling effective communication and delivering resilient infrastructure, we contribute to the seamless running of these facilities, reflecting our unwavering commitment to advancing safety and productivity.

Additionally, we proudly manage conference room technology for renowned brands such as Snap-On Tools. Our involvement extends from initial setup to continued maintenance, ensuring that these critical meeting spaces remain equipped with the latest technology, fostering effective collaboration and communication. In addition to these services, we provide digital signage systems for companies like Milwaukee Valve. These comprehensive systems enhance facility information dissemination, increasing operational efficiency and contributing to a safer, more productive work environment.

Our all-encompassing suite of services is a testament to Fearing’s dedication to fostering productivity and safety in the manufacturing sector. We pride ourselves on being more than a service provider; we’re a strategic partner dedicated to advancing your business.

Your search ends here. In Fearing’s, you’ll find more than a service provider; you’ll find an experienced ally committed to propelling your business forward regarding productivity and safety. Embrace the future of manufacturing with Fearing’s.