Automation Control Systems

Fearing’s Automated systems let you prepare for a video conference by dimming the lights, closing the shades and even controlling room temperature. From there you can launch video, power on your display and (if using a projector) lower the screen. Automation excellence is at your fingertips.

Play HD video from numerous sources on multiple TVs, and control them all from one simple interface. When it’s time to end, easily power everything down with one button. No more need for a remote control to operate each TV individually. Automation Systems have become a key component in simplifying and enhancing the user experience when operating AV technology.

Let Fearing’s advance your productivity and environment with easy-to-use, fully automated technology from Crestron®, QSC Q-SYS, or Savant automation systems.


Automated lighting creates an optimal working environment for your employees. Too bright of a light can cause eye strain while dim lighting can lead to drowsiness. Our lighting is designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

You can also easily conserve energy by turning the lights off, or turning down to a lower level when they’re not in use. Our system allows for the flexibility to also extend the life of your lighting by regulating the amount of electricity assigned to each light.

Let Fearing’s optimize your lighting and lower your electrical expense.


Your office space needs the flexibility to transform and accommodate the fastest pace and a variety of needs. With Crestron® Room Scheduling, managing the flow of people and ideas is easier than ever! By using Touchscreens, Software integrations, and Illuminated Room Availability indicators, you can turn any space into a productive meeting environment. Fearing’s offers Crestron® and other products and services to make your team more efficient, connected and collaborative.

  • Third-party Software integrations with Teams Panel, Exchange, O365, Appspace, Robin, Teem, Zoom and more
  • Scheduling screens to make rooms easier to see
  • On-Screen Information
  • Easily Customizable Branding/Signage with third-party integrations
  • Management from the Cloud
  • Optional LED Indicators to further clarify room availability
  • Easy installation and deployment
  • Secured network device
  • Multiple sizes and mountings

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