Whether an auditorium, Megachurch, Convention center, or any location demanding a high-performance sound system, Fearing’s skilled team will help improve the quality of your sound capabilities. From the size and design of the space to the type of sound being broadcast, our systems are designed by strategic planning and execution to give you the best results for your unique application.

Let Fearing’s design and install your customized sound system to deliver the best performance at an affordable price.


Communication is key. This is especially true for Manufacturing, Public venues, Healthcare facilities, schools and many locations. Along with other with specific Audio, Video and Security technology, implementing a procedure for direct and immediate communication is critically important in everyday situations but particularly in response to an emergency event.

Fearing’s supports effective, real-time communication in the largest facilities and environments. By installing Paging and Communication products such as Biamp, QSC, and Atlas brand Networked Paging systems, you ensure dependable and effective communication.

Fearing’s is also a Singlewire partner-a software-based Emergency Mass Notification System (EMS). Through Singlewire’s InformaCast EMS system, any instance or threat the system is programmed to recognize is quickly and widely communicated. Active Shooter, Severe Weather Alerts, Scheduled Notifications, and 911 Alerts are received and instantly delivered across phones, computers and virtually any communication device.

Let Fearing’s design and install your Paging and Digital Signage system for enhanced, effective and immediate mass communication.

Let Fearing’s Paging solutions allow you to immediately and directly communicate with key personnel for quality assurance, support and safety.


Today’s increased remote client and team interaction calls for enhanced and reliable Audio Conferencing technology. Whether standalone or integrated with a Fearing’s Video Conferencing solution, quality Audio performance is essential to the mix. Fearing’s is the right partner to deliver complete Audio and Video Conferencing excellence. Fearing’s Audio Teleconferencing systems deliver clear and concise sound performance to move you confidently through any team or client communication.

Let Fearing’s Audio team design an effective Audio Conferencing solution for exemplary sound quality and remarkable range.


Fearing’s specializes in music systems for business. We not only provide background music but design and install high-performance sound systems to meet your requirements and budget. We handle quality brands like JBL, dbx, Atlas Sound, QSC and many more.

Music in a business environment can also help support your business objectives.

Let Fearing’s create your signature environment with a background music system that reinforces your brand and maximizes productivity.


Especially important and popular in public facilities such as churches, government agencies and educational buildings, Fearing’s Assisted Listening systems are essential for the hearing impaired. Our systems come in a variety of formats but the most popular are wireless belt pack receivers with earbuds and hearing loops.

Hearing loops serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, customized sound directly inside the ears. For those with hearing loss, hearing loops provide a whole new world with renewed sensory experiences. It’s possible right here, right now and we’re proud to offer this technology.

Let Fearing’s make a difference to you or your loved one with our Assisted Listening technology.

Sound Masking

Reduce noise distractions, increase productivity, and protect speech privacy in your office and/or commercial setting.

With Sound Masking (also known as Pink or White noise systems) Fearing’s eliminates the potential for disruption caused by coworkers talking on the phone or other interoffice noise and sound considerations. The end result is a private, more productive environment with less distraction.

There are enough obstacles in business. Let Fearing’s help you focus on what matters most without unnecessary internal distraction.

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