Identification, Authentication, And Authorization In Access Control

The key to keeping your surroundings safe may be losing traditional keys altogether. Managing physical keys has become a tedious task for most who are not utilizing an access control system.

In some cases, there are out-of-date lists tracking who has keys, keys aren’t returned, or keys are loaned out to those who shouldn’t have access, and that can be a real problem for business and school security. Access control solutions can help mitigate those risks.

Access Control is an essential part of commercial security systems and is a way for institutions and businesses to keep full control of all building access situations. Being able to electronically secure a building is a crucial element in the overall safety of the institution.

With access control, you can effectively keep your building safe and secure, by controlling the movement of people in and out of the building.

You can also set the criteria for the people that are allowed to access the building, or sensitive areas within the building. Access control can be broken down into three core elements, Identification, Authentication, and Authorization. Essentially, these distinct elements define how access control systems work.

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