Fearing’s Creates a Top-of-the-Line Experience at The SafeHouse in Chicago IL

From the minute you locate the top-secret entrance and pass the clearance test, to the sleek Gadget Bar, every aspect of the design at SafeHouse Chicago has been tinkered, tailored and soldered. Fearing’s recently installed the interactive elements, “futuristic” technology, and security for this restaurant experience fit for a true spy.

This glowing spy-themed nightclub/restaurant provided many exciting challenges and the opportunity for Fearing’s techs to flex their creative muscles. Fearing’s uniquely integrated and programmed multiple technologies, including non-traditional ‘A/V’ tech, to deliver an exciting user experience.

Customers can directly interact with the system through different physical methods that both the audio and video systems respond to. Even more impressive are the areas where the mere physical presence of a person or multiple people can trigger different sounds/lighting/videos to enhance their experience.

Behind the Magic

Spies require the newest technology, and Fearing’s being early adopters, installed several fresh technologies. One was a SVSI video distribution system. This new control system sends video over a network switch that has multiple encoders and decoders in the system. This means that The Safe House operators can add HDMI/VGA inputs or displays easily without being limited to chasis systems. They can place the inputs wherever they want, and can switch content to whichever technology they choose.

New can also mean cost-effective: For high-end HDMI switches, most companies use HDbaseT products, but Fearing’s used the SVSI technology, which is very expandable and doesn’t require the purchase of new hardware for video distribution. Cutting costs while expanding options leaves a customer happy.

Maintenance and Monitoring

One eye-catching feature was the LED Video Wall. The client wanted a large display but in a dimly lit place. 105 panels went into the making of the wall. The large number of panels made it safer for upkeep– especially in a place where people may crowd in and drink, and accidentally cause damage to the display. If one of the panels fails, Fearing’s support team can make a fast fix.

The ability to make fast fixes was another element that the Fearing’s team provided.

As a security company Fearing’s came to the table with options for ongoing support. The magic of The Safe House required many moving parts, and the ability to flow visual and audio content from place to place not only automatically but with the hand of an operator. Systems needed the ability to run their programs, while staff members needed the ability to interrupt and reroute or change those programs at the touch of a button.

The complexity of many intertwined systems increased the possibility of human error. For this, Fearing’s created a system of remote management. Should there ever be an issue, the team can log in and remotely manage a fix. This also allows for regular security management and a way to collect data for analysis.

The Results

The SafeHouse is not just a restaurant or nightclub, but an enveloping experience for all the senses. The completed project has drawn excitement from would be patrons, and much justified attention from the news media. Surprises, colors, blasts of air, lighting, changing visuals and sounds all combine to pull the guest into a world where their identity can change for a bit– where they can play and explore.

Other companies have set up audio, visual, and security systems, but Fearing’s embraced the challenge of doing it all, in an agile way, in a smaller space, and cost-effectively. It’s one part being early adopters of new technologies, one part having more than two decades of service to businesses large and small, and one part providing uncompromisable customer experience.

The owners of The Safe House were looking to create an unique experience, and they partnered with Fearing’s for their record of making audio, visual, and security installations the best experience possible for their clients.