Be a Big

Fearing’s Audio Video Security Chief Executive Officer Doug Fearing knows how important mentors are.

Doug volunteered as a BIG through Big Brothers & Big Sisters and he has personally seen the impact it can make to have someone in your court to help navigate through life. He also feels that mentoring has changed him as he gained joy, perspective and learned so much about his “littles”.

He thanks God for having the opportunity to give back in this way and is now paying it forward through this advertising campaign to support Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Dane County. You may see this ad playing on a local TV station this fall. Doug encourages everyone to consider being a BIG. It’s one of the best ways we can make a difference. Please be a BIG or give BIG at

The Fearing’s team believes in making a difference every day. And because we don’t take this lightly, we’ve built the idea of making a difference into our overall vision: “Making a difference for our customers, our communities, and our world.”

Doug and his wife Lois are also deeply involved with Schools for Haiti and have enjoyed seeing the joy in the faces of the children who are so excited to go to school and learn.  His goal someday is to bring some of our local youth to visit Haiti to learn more about how helping others can give us a purpose and perspective outside of the daily challenges we face locally.

Inspired to Inspire

This campaign with Doug Fearing and the CEO of Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Sandy Morales, has been put together to highlight the need for BIGS. United Madison thanks our media partner WISC TV3 for producing this campaign and to all of our media partners for their generous campaign value matches.