The world has changed rapidly over the past couple of months. With safer-at-home orders being enforced across the state, country, and world, the way we do business has drastically changed making facial recognition & temperature scanning commonplace.

As the country reopens, almost every aspect of how we do business is likely to change. One of the major concerns is the health and wellbeing of your customers and employees. According to the CDC’s guideline, employers should pre-screen employees by measuring the employee’s temperature before starting work. Some businesses have placed an employee at the door to take temperatures before allowing entry. Unfortunately, not every company has the luxury of dedicating someone to solely cover those responsibilities. Other businesses have installed costly thermal camera systems that still require someone to monitor for abnormal temperatures. Luckily, we have been testing a no-contact, automated solution that is reasonably priced and easy to deploy with similar results as much more costly thermal camera systems.

Facial Recognition & Temperature Scanning

ZKTeco’s SpeedFace+ is a facial recognition device, about the size of a small tablet computer, that can measure and record body temperature with a snapshot of the individual being scanned. For additional security, the device can be added to a door access control system to only grant entry if someone is authorized and produces a normal temperature (within adjustable thresholds). The system can identify the individual being scanned even if he or she is wearing a protective mask. If you require protective masks, the system can be configured to only allow entry if a mask is detected.

Fast & Accurate

The ZKTeco Speedface+ system is fast and accurate, taking less than 1 second to recognize a face and roughly 3 seconds to measure and report their temperature. During our tests, we tried to trick the system with a printout of someone’s face, a live broadcast of someone on a laptop screen, and every other way we could think to spoof the system, with no luck. The system is equipped with a minimum temperature threshold and an advanced facial detection algorithm, so you know that your business is safe.

Years of Success

The temperature scanning feature is a recent addition to ZKTeco’s line of successful biometric recognition solutions that the company has been perfecting since 1985. All of ZKTeco’s products are streamlined for ease of installation and use. In our controlled environment we were able to install the unit in just a few hours. That was from the unit in its original box to working as a no-contact facial recognition, with temperature reading, door access control system in our warehouse.

Be Prepared

We are all trying to figure out our new normal together, but we strongly believe that the key to managing a crisis is preparation. Be prepared for today, tomorrow, and well into the future with a ZKTeco SpeedFace+ system professionally installed by Fearing’s Audio Video Security. We stand behind this product, that is why we are so excited to share it with you. Contact us at to see how a no-contact facial recognition with temperature scanning device can help keep you, your employees, and your customers safe in these uncertain times.

Key takeaways about the ZKTeco SpeedFace+:

  • 100% no-contact
  • Fast and accurate facial recognition
  • Body-temperature scanning
  • Facial authentication up to 8 feet
  • Temperature scanning up to 18 inches
  • Can be added to a door access control system
  • Safety mask detection
  • User can be recognized while wearing a safety mask
  • Can read faces in low- and bright-light situations
  • Scans can be logged for later review
  • Affordable and easy to deploy