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Lights on… Temperature adjusted… Shades set…
Music playing… Door unlocked… Alarm off…
All at the press of a button on your phone! 

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Smart Home Automation

Customizing your home to meet the needs of your fast-paced lifestyle has never been easier. You won’t need to run through the house every time you leave to check to see if you left lights on. You won’t need to call your neighbor after you’ve left for vacation to see if the doors are locked or to make sure the garage is closed. You won’t be nervous about coming home to a dark house after a long day. You won’t need to constantly adjust the thermostat to find the balance between comfort and efficiency. All of this can be automated and controlled remotely via a single remote or an app on your phone or tablet.
We’re always up to date on technology so you don’t have to be. Lean on us to keep you current and to provide you with a sophisticated and convenient approach to the daily routine that you’ve been dreaming about.  Savant Smart Home Automation can provide Centralized control over your entire house with a single device. Control over such things as:
  • Audio Video Systems and Devices
  • Lighting
  • Thermostats to Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Motorized Shades
  • Security Systems
  • Door Control Including the Garage Door

A Home Transition Story


Our clients decided to build their dream home on a family owned lot on the shores of Swan Lake, in Portage Wisconsin.

For now, the home is a wonderful weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, where both clients live and work full time. They wanted a place they could unwind and relax or be able to entertain friends and family. They wanted to be able to monitor and control everything from Chicago.

The systems also needed to be scalable as someday this would become their full-time residence.

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Smart Home Technology is Undergoing a Revolution

Now you can bypass even the Sonos mobile app. With Sonos One, you can use your voice to change songs, adjust the volume and specify which room you want the music in. The six audio sensors will pick up the voice control regardless of the volume of the music.

But it doesn’t stop with music. Turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and more…with Sonos One you can control your smart home devices with your voice. Call (608) 443-2595 for a free expert consultation today.


Fearing’s was excellent to work with and very creative! They provided great ideas and really managed to work with our needs and deliver customized solutions in a smart way. They just made it easy for us to get it done and manage it after.

Shaun, Manager, The Safe House


Over 95% of our customers give Fearing’s an
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