Camera Technology to Track Terror Situations, Shooting Situations, Car Wrecks and More

It seems every time we turn on the television there is a new story of a mass shooting or terror attack. Not all incidents make headlines, and some can happen in places you feel safe like parking garages or stores.

Aside from shootings, car wrecks or other attacks can happen at any time and any place. The number of companies using video security cameras has gone up, but the number of people keeping an eye on those cameras has not increased. An average of 20 to 50 cameras are being monitored by each security personnel. This increases the chance of missing critical situations. Fearing’s can help with this problem and give you and your customers peace of mind. Contact Fearing’s Audio Video Security today at (800.252.2253) or set up a Free Expert Consultation now.

Audio Detection:

There are new tools to help detect alarming sounds, even when no one calls 911. It’s called audio detection. The camera is able to detect abnormal sounds and then notify the appropriate parties. The technology can even be taken a step further in classifying the source of the audio. Through a unique process it can determine if the sound is a gunshot, scream, explosion or crashing glass. The accuracy of these systems is very impressive.

  • Scream: Can detect screaming and yelling of children with a 90% accuracy with a distance of up to 53 feet.
  • Gunshot: This has an 80% accuracy with a distance of up to 1,969 feet.
  • Explosion: This has a 90% accuracy with a distance of 1.49 miles.
  • Crashing Glass: 80% accuracy with a distance of 26 feet.

This technology has noise reduction options. Background noise can be reduced depending on the environment for increased detection accuracy.

Face Detection:

The video can detect a human face. A third party software is involved in the process. You will need to input video of a person from a couple of angles and then put a name it. Once the software has it in the database, then the software can pick out a person from video and display the name.

IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis)

There are several layers to this. Basically the system can be set to take action when a specific movement is detected. Here are several examples:

  1. Virtual Line Crossing Detection: If a vehicle is crossing a virtual line it can be detected.
    Photo showing that objects crossing a designated virtual line can be detected. The direction of detection can be specified. Configuration options include defining virtual lines and direction. Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison and Milwaukee WI
  2. Enter/Exit Detection: Objects entering/exiting a designated virtual area can be detected.
    Photo showing that objects entering / exiting a designated virtual area can be detected. Configuration for all virtual area based IVA is performed in on a single configuration screen. Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison and Milwaukee WI
  3. Appearing and Disappearing Detection: For example, if someone is sitting in an airport without luggage and a suitcase suddenly appears, the camera could catch that and alert security.
  4. Loitering Detection: The camera looks for movements of similar patterns that are within the virtual area. Once these patterns are observed for a certain amount of time, the loitering detection is triggered.

Image Stabilization:

Life does not stand still. Especially on roads, parking lots and sports arenas. A fast moving life, can lead to shaky ground. Image stabilization is a technology that detects images despite shaking due to vibrations from the surrounding environment. If something happens that you need to capture in a place that’s not always stable, this technology would prove to be a crucial tool.


Let’s face it, most things are not picture perfect. But through Fearing’s intelligent audio and video analysis technology, a crucial situation can be picture perfect. It’s peace of mind for you and your customers 24/7. These technologies not only monitor all cameras, but they can determine and confirm the circumstances of an event. These tools increase operational efficiency and potentially save lives.

Find out what business security solution would work best for your business by talking with one of Fearing’s security experts. Contact Fearing’s Audio Video Security today at (800.252.2253) or set up a Free Expert Consultation now.