Providing a Robust Security Solution for a Valuable Member of Our Community

This article is a bit different from our other technology blogs but so important to our company’s mission to Make a Difference. It’s a blessing to be able to support our community, sharing our skills, expertise, and technology solutions to help support and improve the lives of men, women, and children in Milwaukee, Haiti, and beyond. Below, we’ll dive into one of our projects where we got to do just that!

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Meet MRM

Since 1893, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission has tackled the issues of poverty and homelessness head-on, serving the Milwaukee community with compassion, care, excellence, and expertise. All in Christ’s name. 

With its Central and North campuses, MRM makes a considerable difference for the city of Milwaukee. Much of their work takes place at the 230,000-square-foot central campus at 19th and Wells, where they operate Safe Harbor for men and Joy House for women and children. The Central Campus also includes two computer training facilities to help guests prepare for a life of lasting change after MRM. The North Campus, located at 15th and Center Street, houses a PreK-12th grade school and their Cross Trainers Academy.

MRM meets hurting neighbors where they are, offering practical assistance like food (more than 293,000 meals last year), clothing (52,000 items), and shelter (over 61,000 nights). They offer transformative programs that equip guests to get off the streets and turn their lives around for good. They do that through short- and long-term assistance, education, pastoral care, help in overcoming substance abuse, job training, and more, all designed to address the root causes behind their problems. Part of MRM’s service includes spiritual development and enrichment, all based on the good news of the Gospel, which they believe is the key to lasting change.

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission is completely donor-funded, receiving no government funding besides for the families at Cross Trainers Academy participating in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

Delivering on Our Mission to Make a Difference

So, why are we discussing the Milwaukee Rescue Mission in our blog? In February of this year, 2023, Fearing’s was proud to be selected as the security system integrator to design and install an upgraded security system at the North Campus. Not only were we excited about the project from a revenue perspective, but with our Vision to make a difference for our customers and the world, partnering with a customer like MRM was a perfect fit because of their impact in Milwaukee.

The security project consisted of 80+ Verkada surveillance cameras, access control, door intercom stations, visitor management, and an alarm system. All these independent systems were seamlessly integrated together into Verkada’s cloud-based and intuitive user interface platform. The Fearing’s security team delivered on our mission, which is “To deliver a great customer experience and a superior outcome every time.” 

As Jerome Knapp, MRM’s Director of Operations, stated: 

“I want to pass along a quick note about the Fearing’s team involved with our North Campus Verkada project. We received numerous positive comments from our staff about your staff. That speaks volumes to me… I look forward to continuing to work with your team!”


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