An Extra Layer Of Safety During The School Day

Feeling safe is foundational to building a positive school experience where students and staff are at ease and able to learn or teach to the best of their abilities. Fearing’s AVS recently completed a major 5-month project for the Madison Metropolitan School District that will provide an extra layer of safety during the school day. In early 2019, MMSD approached Fearing’s and requested a bid for an initiative that would solve a big problem – frequent security breaches.

“MMSD was dealing with traditional keys and unlocked doors at their schools opening a huge security breach,” said Chris Matson. “The SALTO system was a decision made by the district before Fearing’s was invited to participate in the bid. They came to us since we have been a trusted partner in the district for a number of years.”

The world-class SALTO system is a wireless, door access system that has the data on the cards. It’s simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure their doors without complex, expensive wiring. MMSD needed a solution that was simple to install and set up, cost-effective, reliable, complete and future-thinking. SALTO was the perfect fit.

“Our team put in many long hours during the summer and gave up a lot of nights and weekends to make a challenging deadline,” said Dave Poley, Security Design Engineer for Fearing’s. “The SALTO system provided easy programming for our team and a relatively simple transition from the old door hardware to the new.”

Security in our schools has become as important as a student having the books or a laptop needed for an assignment. Fearing’s Audio Video Security has partnered with dozens of school districts, universities, and public libraries to provide advanced safety solutions in recent years.