Your Local Wisconsin School Security Experts

School security is always on the minds of administrators and parents. Just last year there were 15 school shootings in the U.S., and we have all seen the sad news throughout the years. These statistics don’t make us feel safe. What does make us feel safe is knowing that proper measures are in place to protect our kids from tragedy.

Springtime is school referendum season and Wisconsin schools are putting safety on the ballot. Since 2013 ACT 309 of Wisconsin states: “118.07 (4) (a) 2. If a school district is created or a public or private school opens after the effective date of this paragraph …. [LRB inserts date], the school board or governing body of the private school shall have in effect a school safety plan for each public or private school within 3 years of its creation or opening.”

Where can you begin? Answer: With a professional security consultant.

Photo of Steve Van Dyke, Fearings' Security Wisconsin School ExpertSteve Van Dyke, Fearing’s Business Development Executive for education is that professional. He has completed the Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Certification. He is also FEMA certified in EOP (Emergency Operating Procedures), ALiCE Train the Trainer Certified, and NiMS certified.

“I am proud to have completed my Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Certification,” Van Dyke states, “40 hours, 10 modules and 1 ½ years later I have finished.  I thank the organization and instructors who shared firsthand knowledge and materials not found in any single handbook or website! We learned about school safety, security and emergency operating procedures and how they work in a school setting.  Always thinking of the critical event, and recovery for the students and community. For me, I am able to look at physical security under an informed light of safety and security for our Wisconsin Schools, within their protocols. Physical security is not only for the horrific, it can be used to analyze safety, traffic flows, how vendors, and visitors enter our schools. All while creating an inviting and safe place to learn for our students.”

The School Safety Coordinators Certification modules include:

  • Health & Safety Compliance (3 parts)
  • Environmental, Safety & Health Compliance
  • Sound Risk Management Practices
  • General Aspects of Crisis and Emergency Management for Schools
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) for School Officials
  • School Threat & Vulnerability Assessment
  • School Post Incident Recovery and Planning
  • Putting it all Together; Emergency Response Table Top and Exercise Practicum