Did you know Fearing’s Audio Video Security has the expertise for every client’s vision of what may be needed for a specific security project such as school security, by creating the complete outcome which is developed just for you?

How can a School Security Expert make a Difference for You?  A Q & A with Fearing’s Steve Van Dyke

Photo of school security expert Steve Van Dyke of Fearing's Audio Video SecurityFearing’s Business Development Executive Steve Van Dyke is a Madison Wisconsin based member of our team, making a difference everyday.

He brings a wealth of experience — more than 23 years in safety and security related to the packaging industry — along with the art of relationship-building, and all the tools we offer for your security solution. Nothing is over-looked.

Steve also has multiple certifications, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) multi-hazard emergency planning certification.

Question: What is typically your first conversation with the leader of a school or business looking at increasing its school security?

Steve Van Dyke: We discuss the real-life circumstances surrounding schools and businesses, and try to answer questions ranging from what man-made or natural disasters need an Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP), to how our safety and security products can be a side-by-side solution in any of these incidents.

Question: Tell us more about an EOP. Is it a requirement to have procedures in place?

Steve Van Dyke: Every school in the state of Wisconsin has to have an Emergency Operating Procedure, and it needs to be in writing, along with being practiced. This includes not only for an active shooter response, but also for a train derailment, bad weather, or even bullying situation.

Question: How does your technology support carrying out an EOP?

Steve Van Dyke: Technology offers a school or workplace the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive in these situations. Think about the solutions we can offer, from the alert system to camera analytics, lockdowns and controlling the entrances, but also receiving reports of who entered. Partner it with a well-planned EOP and it is a win-win relationship.

Question: We’ve heard more about the active shooter response training being done by the ALiCE Institute in recent years. Is it just another way for a school to be proactive?

Steve Van Dyke: The ALICE Training was actually created by a police officer for his wife who was the principal of an elementary school. It stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate. These are the steps to take to increase your odds of surviving any type of disaster. I am certified as an ALICE trainer to teach these skills to others, and again, working in conjunction with our security solutions. Some police departments have even worked with schools and businesses like Fearing’s, to bring this type of training available to the public.

Question: If you could offer a suggestion to use in a real-life circumstance, what would it be?

Steve Van Dyke: Do you know the dangers and where to go if an evacuation is necessary? Where are the railroad crossings, and are there industries nearby that could have a toxic spill or release? Do you need to worry about a hurricane, or just a tornado? Be aware, but then have a plan of action, too.