Kalahari Resorts and Waterparks, WI Dells

Fearing’s became a partner during the very early stages at Kalahari Resorts in the WI Dells. This allowed us to  create both the design and cost estimates before the work ever started. The process for the upgrades began in April 2016, with everything based on the specific needs of the Kalahari Convention Center Services and IT staff to develop a solution to meet their needs and budget, including the best technology, expert installation, and ease of use when our work was complete. Design and proposal revisions were presented and a perfected solution was accepted in mid-July, 2016.

Early Partnership Ensured Success

The time-frame for the project presented a major challenge — it encompassed nearly 2000 hours of labor, and needed to be in the final stages of completion by the end of the Labor Day weekend — when the convention season hits full stride. Kalahari still had several other events scheduled for our team to work around; plus, some crucial equipment wouldn’t arrive until just before the start of our work. Fearing’s Project Manager, Ben Voeck, coordinated scheduling and man-power while working efficiently with Kalahari Convention Services staff to meet the deadline. This included a large team working through the Labor Day weekend on the final installations, programming, and tuning.

An early partnership is the best way to ensure success in all aspects of a project, but especially the budget and deadline. Our partnership with Kalahari Resorts has been in place for many years. We knew each other well which helped us to streamline systems and processes towards a successful outcome.

The Results: Great Kalahari Experiences for Users

The upgrades on this particular project were not small — 29 built-in 4:3 projection screens had to be replaced with new Da-Lite HD format models, existing Panasonic non-HD projectors were replaced by brighter Barco brand HD format projectors. Also, the entire existing audio system was replaced, along with repairs and maintenance needed on any of the existing equipment not scheduled for replacement. The work was specific too, with the new extremely large, motorized projection screens specifically mounted in many of the meeting rooms, while other areas called for re-use of some screens but with new projectors.

At one point, Fearing’s was managing the audio and video design, installation, and setup for more than two dozen different meeting areas in the Convention Center.

The result is a fully upgraded facility with today’s higher performance technology providing convention-goers with a greatly improved AV experience. There are also new options in place as the audio and video in Kalaharis two 8-suite ballrooms and 15 breakout rooms can be combined as needed for additional functionality and collaboration.

Design engineering helped guide decisions about product lines, installation, and usability. An early partnership in any project is key to its overall success, and the Convention Center at the Kalahari Resorts is now a showplace to this effort.

If you would like to tour the facility and see the engineering from behind the scenes, please contact your sales representative or Doug Fearing.