What&squot;s hot in A/V for 2017?

As a CTS-D certified designer, Ehren Tresner is always keeping an eye on the latest trends when it comes to audio and video technology. It’s a big part of Ehren’s job as an A/V Design Engineer at Fearing’s Audio Video Security, but it’s also his passion.

Is This Tech Commercially Viable?

“Commercial audio and video products don’t always follow the trends, so it is my responsibility to know what’s out there now, and also what’s on the horizon,” Fearing’s Design Engineer Ehren Tresner says. “The home market may be raving about 4-k or 3-D TV’s, but I am digging in to learn if it is something our commercial clients should consider, and if it will be worth it for the long haul use of the product.”

Tresner does his homework, and considers it a privilege to share his expertise by educating Fearing’s customers about technology. He knows his recommendations can transform a vision into a viable and valuable solution.

A Game Changer: Professional Video over IP Systems

“There are so many different systems and set-ups,” Tresner says. “It can be as simple as the right TV and a plug to a fully automated audio, video, and lights system for a large conference room. We’ve also designed special emergency notification systems for manufacturing plants. We listen for the wants and needs, then create an innovative solution specifically for each business. This has even included an automated talking garbage can.”

He isn’t kidding.

If your business has a technology goal, Fearing’s is the expert in creating a viable solution!

Tresner considers one trend in particular a game changer right now: professional video over IP systems. It basically allows video signals to be captured, digitized, streamed, and managed over an IP network and is a newer alternative to hardwire-based video switching. This is starting to be implemented in commercial and corporate environments to share presentations, speeches, and training. It’s also catching on at universities and technical education schools.

Laser Projection

Another new, but even faster-moving trend is laser projection. Tresner says the benefits are big in part, because there’s no longer projector bulbs to worry about changing, which means less maintenance and downtime, consistent color and lights, instant off and on, and it’s considered more “green.” However, those big benefits may not yet outweigh the big price tag, and it’s where Tresner’s expertise really pays off.

“If our client is interested in new technology, I’m happy to educate them,” Tresner says. “Some other current trends like smart home technology or voice command may not be the best idea in a commercial setting yet. But that is why working together with a customer on the vision, and turning it into a valuable solution means so much to all of us at Fearing’s.”