Consider the way education facilities are changing as technology is integrated enhancing classrooms and creating more versatile and virtual learning environments. Schools are passing large amounts of data daily through their servers and data centers as hundreds of students and teachers are accessing it for lectures, class forums and assignments. Technology continues to evolve and as more and more is introduced, while the servers are of extreme importance, it’s important to recognize that the structured cabling that links the whole infrastructure plays the most vital role.

Let’s discuss what structured cabling is. Often referred to as “voice-data” or “telecommunication” cabling, a structured cabling system by definition is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrate voice, data, video and other management systems in a building including life-safety and security systems.  In order for these systems to work they depend on a strong structured cabling design that will allow for large quantities of data to be passed along seamlessly. Education facilities, whether elementary, high school, or college campuses are greatly relying on the efficient flow of data so their servers operate and information is transferred properly.  Therefore, structured cabling is essentially the backbone of the IT infrastructure for a school.

Companies, government offices, hospitals, and schools are investing in structured cabling everyday because they understand the advantages of such a system and the positive impact it will have within their facilities. Stop hesitating and secure the success for your school’s IT system by contacting Fearing’s today; our trusted team of professionals will design, install, and maintain a structured cabling system that fits your specific needs.