As more surveillance cameras are going digital (IP) with higher resolution due to improving megapixel technology; businesses, education, healthcare, and government institutions are finding they can now do more with less. With the resolution going up and the cost of IP cameras in rapid decline we can now user fewer cameras to accomplish the same goals required by many older analog cameras. New cameras with 180 and 360 degree viewing angles can often fill the role needed that it previously took four cameras to do. Or, because of the wide camera view and super high resolution of the new 180/360 degree cameras they might fill the role of an expensive Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera. The market for 180/360 degree cameras is projected to grow by 60% in 2014.

Imagine putting a camera with a 360 degree view on the ceiling at the intersection where four corridors converge and catching the activity happening in all four directions; and, because of the high resolution capability you could zoom in on the activity in any direction during live view or in the recorded view.  It’s easy to see why these cameras will be hot sellers. These new cameras are also a significant improvement over Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras because they have complete coverage at all times versus the PTZ which scans across the covered area leaving portions of the covered area unprotected during the scan.

The panoramic images provided from wide angle cameras enhance the confidence of the users by knowing that the issues of “blind spots” on surveillance are significantly diminished. This gives hope to a lot of business who have faced theft and damage and their traditional system still was unable to catch a suspect.  For example, recently in Madison a mall employee had the tires on her brand new Jeep stolen while she was at work. Because of her proximity to the the entrance she was worried it wouldn’t have been able to be seen on camera, but with the help of an upgraded video surveillance system located in the mall’s parking lot they were able to see everything and read the suspect’s vehicle and plates and catch him. Coupled with enhanced video management software, surveillance systems with these cameras are creating the comfort companies and their employees deserve.

There are many advantages for everyone involved when it comes to surveillance systems. With the right equipment, everyone wins and productivity is even increased (who want’s to get got slacking?). Ultra wide angle cameras are continuing to evolve and their coverage make them suitable for any situation and location from airports to department stores, or even the office lunch room. The advantages of such systems always outweigh their initial cost and their benefits continue to surface time and time again, so updating your surveillance system or choosing to install them for the first time is really a no-brainer.