Providing Security Solutions & Support to the New Boys and Girls Club Facility

At Fearing’s Audio Video Security, we love when our work can give back to the community. So, we were honored to be selected as the security contractor for the new McKenzie Regional Workforce Center by the Boys and Girls Club in Dane County.

The McKenzie Regional Workforce Center, which opened this past July, provides trade career awareness and training opportunities through its program Careerforce Build UP. Without such a program, many young people are unaware of career possibilities in the trades, and the center will help fill the employment gap in the trades for years to come.

The new center will educate youth on careers as plumbers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, electricians, and more. It’s a cause that’s dear to our hearts—after all, our own business would be considered a trade employer!

Here’s what great things the McKenzie Regional Workforce Center is doing for the Madison area and how our office security solutions will keep students and staff safe.

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Empowering Youth to Explore the Trades

At the McKenzie Center, young people will have the chance to develop skills and gain work experience that will set them up for success after high school—no matter the path they choose. Alan Branch, Vice President of Workforce Development, is passionate about introducing youth to the career potential available in the trades, especially youth who are ten or younger. This experience helps them create a vision for what their adult lives could be like as far as career and earning potential is concerned. Students can also earn service hours through activities like the Teen Build Volunteer Events or learn trade skills at programs like the Auto Workshop.

Additionally, the McKenzie Center’s partners play a huge role in making this possible. Contributing organizations include the Madison Area Builders Association, WRTP Big Step, Latino Academy of Workforce Development, Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, Chisel ActionCOACH, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and donors.

From preparatory training using videos and Virtual Reality, to hands-on construction, the youth are exposed to a myriad of skills and find a sense of accomplishment when they complete a project. After touring the finished facility, our CEO Doug Fearing shared, “As someone who only attended technical school, I have a great appreciation for the potential of people who start their career in a trade, not knowing what their full potential is until they get to work and put training into practice.”

Safety & Security by Fearing’s

Any building that houses young people and children needs security to be top of mind. We were honored to be the security contractor for the McKenzie Center project and installed video surveillance, access control, door intercom, and alarm system solutions.

By protecting the building and the people inside, the McKenzie Center can continue to run and create a safe environment for kids to learn, challenge themselves, grow, and even have some fun.

Boost Your School & Office Security

Could your organization benefit from a new security system like the McKenzie Center? We design and install surveillance and security solutions customized to your building’s unique needs. You’ll access alarms, smart locks, cameras, and smart technology from a single, easy-to-use system.

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