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Protecting your commercial space is a top priority in this ever-evolving business landscape. Not only because it allows you to keep your employees and customers safe but also because it helps you protect your assets. The integration of smart technology and security systems is revolutionizing how we protect commercial spaces, offering innovative video security solutions essential for safeguarding businesses of all kinds.

From large manufacturing facilities to government and education institutions, or corporate offices, smart video security solutions provide a crucial defense against potential threats. Take a look at our blog and discover the three key features that will ensure comprehensive security for your Milwaukee, WI, company. Keep reading to learn more.

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Video Analytics

While video surveillance provides a wealth of visual information, manually analyzing vast amounts of recorded footage is arduous and time-consuming. This is where video analytics comes into play. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, video analytics solutions automatically analyze video streams to extract actionable insights and identify anomalies in real time.

Video analytics can perform various tasks, such as object detection and tracking, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and crowd management. By detecting suspicious behaviors or identifying specific individuals, businesses can proactively respond to potential threats and prevent security breaches. Additionally, video analytics can assist in optimizing operational efficiency, such as monitoring queues, identifying bottlenecks, and enhancing overall customer experience.


Commercial spaces often have evolving security needs and may require the addition of more cameras or system components over time. A scalable video surveillance system allows businesses to start with a modest number of cameras and gradually expand the system as needed. Whether it’s adding cameras to cover new areas or upgrading existing cameras to higher resolutions, a scalable solution accommodates these changes seamlessly, eliminating the need to replace the entire system and minimizing disruption to ongoing operations, which helps you save both time and resources. This flexibility ensures that the system can adapt to your changing security requirements without requiring a complete overhaul.

Remote Monitoring

Effective security monitoring is crucial for commercial spaces, enabling swift responses to security incidents and minimizing potential damage. Integrated with video surveillance and analytics systems, smart security monitoring solutions employ advanced algorithms and automated workflows. These systems can instantly alert security personnel or even trigger automatic responses, such as locking doors, sounding alarms, or dispatching security personnel to the scene. 

In addition, remote monitoring capabilities allow you to keep an eye on your premises at any time, no matter where you are. Whether you are on vacation across the world or having brunch with an important client, the peace of mind of knowing your business is protected is only a tap away.

At Fearing’s, we want to see your business thrive. Let us help you achieve that by enhancing the safety of your commercial premises! Contact us today to find out more about our unique solutions.