See How Video Walls Elevate the Customer & Visitor Experience

Installing a video wall may seem like a big endeavor because, well, they are big. LED video walls are scalable to any dimension, from 12 to 100 feet or more! But if you’re curious about installing a video wall for your business, you’ve got company in the Madison and Milwaukee, WI, regions. 

We’ve installed high-quality LCD and direct LED walls in many locations across Wisconsin for all different types of businesses. Whether your organization is an office or a performance venue, there are countless ways to use video walls. Video walls tell your brand story, from sharing information to displaying eye-catching videos.

Here’s a sample of local businesses we’ve worked with to install state-of-the-art video walls!

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Zendesk is a software-as-a-service company from Copenhagen, Denmark, specializing in customer support technology. For their all-new headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, we installed a wall-sized video display that the company can use for seminars and conferences. When not in use, it displays colorful graphics, their logo, and whatever else they’d like to share with the company.

Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy’s conference center sports a 9 feet by 32 feet LED video wall. The video wall’s impressie size delivers versatility that allows them to expand the viewing surface across the entire stage with the ability to simultaneously display multiple images as part of their presentations.  

Vogel Brothers Building Co. 

Vogel Brothers is an award-winning construction services company also based in Madison. When their commercial projects call for audio-video solutions, we’ve been their dedicated AV partner, which includes installing and programming video walls. The Vogel Brothers handle all construction matters while we install necessary network wiring, install the LCD or LED panels, and integrate content-sharing software. 

Dane County Regional Airport 

Video walls are popular in airports thanks to their ample advertising opportunities and customization options. Airports often use video walls to display flight information, direct traffic, help visitors navigate the terminal, or advertise local attractions. 

We helped Madison’s Dane County Regional Airport modernize with new video wall installations, both interior and exterior. The airport’s old video displays were outdated and low-resolution, which may have subconsciously created distrust among visitors. So to upgrade, we installed video walls and connected the displays with software that can easily (and securely) swap out new content at any time. In fact, the airport’s advertising company is based in Louisiana and can change the video content from thousands of miles away.

Do you have an idea for how your business could use a video wall installation? Curious about your options and how they will fit within your budget? Fearing’s Audio Video Security is your destination in Madison for state-of-the-art video walls. Contact our team here for a free consultation today!