High-Quality LED Displays Help Passengers On The Go

When you think of visuals at an airport what comes to mind? Security lines, airplanes, baggage claim and ticket kiosks perhaps? But what about stunning high-performance, high-tech video walls?  Video walls enhance air travelers’ experience by taking a visual message to new heights. Fearing’s Audio Video Security recently completed a project to upgrade Dane County Regional Airport’s Flight Information Displays and Video Walls.

Airplanes are always getting new upgrades, and that should be the same for the airports for which they land. At Dane County Regional, the old video displays and walls were poor quality and low resolution. Overall the airport needed a simpler way to get its message across.

When you’re traveling, you’re usually on the move, trying to get to your next destination fast. With high-quality LED displays, the stunning screens “pop” for busy travelers on the go. Fearing’s upgraded all displays throughout the airport downstairs and in the upstairs terminal areas to full HD quality flat panel displays. The video walls come with high brightness & wide viewing displays for maximum impact.

The displays interface with software to easily and securely control content on-site or remotely. The advertising company working with the walls is based out of Louisiana and can control content as needed.  The airport is set up to update and change flight and travel information within seconds.

Whether at a busy regional airport or in your office, Fearing’s has the tools and expertise to design and install video walls that dazzle, inform and entertain. Our video walls are designed to create great visual impact and captivate your customers.  Learn more about video walls here or call now for a free consultation from one of our display experts.

You’re Invited!

On June 23rd the Dane County Regional Airport will be hosting an 80th Anniversary event and Fearing’s is assisting in supplying the Audio/Video presentation. Mark your calendars to stop out and see our AV systems in action! Learn more about the event here.