Let us create the ultimate commercial security system with Verkada! 

No matter what your line of business is, having a comprehensive commercial security system is essential to the safety of your building and to protecting the people inside. At Fearing’s, we work with Verkada to provide you with high-end technologies that keep your business safe. 

Whether you have an office, a school campus, or a manufacturing plant, the innovative solutions of Verkada and our team’s unparalleled expertise are the perfect mix to keep your business in the Milwaukee, WI, region protected. 

Keep reading this blog to explore three fantastic security features your business can’t miss! 

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Security Cameras

Surveillance systems are one of the most popular security features, as they allow you to keep an eye on your property all day, every day. Verkada security cameras are innovative devices that provide built-in storage of up to 365 days of standard-quality footage, automatic updates that eliminate the need for extensive ongoing maintenance, and full functionality with bandwidth as low as 20-50 Kbps. In addition, our team and our clients love their ease of installation, as these cameras can be completely set up in a matter of minutes and require only a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection. 

Verkada cameras are also equipped with video analytics, unlimited cloud archiving, and automatic alerts, making them the perfect technology to monitor the safety of your perimeter and interior. 

Access Control

Surveillance cameras are a great technology to monitor your spaces and be aware of any dangers that might be around, but an access control system is perfect for preventing crime. Access control technology helps manage who has access to which areas of your building site, from break rooms to warehouses to storage closets. A Verkada access control system allows you to monitor and manage an unlimited number of doors, schedules, and settings from any device through a user-friendly centralized management platform. Ensuring the safety of your staff and clients is only a button tap away. 

Environmental Sensors

When it comes to keeping your business safe, only focusing on deterring crime or potential intruders isn’t enough. Verkada has a cutting-edge collection of environmental sensors that monitor the health and safety of your building. These sensors can read the temperature, air quality levels, humidity, noise, and can even detect vaping. Through an app on your smartphone, you can seamlessly visualize data, monitor your surroundings, and improve the comfort and safety of your building with ease. Keeping your commercial spaces a safe place to visit has never been easier!

At Fearing’s, we are deeply committed to helping our clients enhance the safety of their business. Are you ready to boost your security system with Verkada solutions? Contact our team right here, or drop a message in the chat box below to get started.

We look forward to working with you!