Solutions to Keep Everyone Safe & Informed

When something goes wrong in an organization, you need to inform everyone affected immediately. Whether there’s an intruder in an office building or an icy parking lot, threats large and small should be communicated quickly and effectively—but how? 

Intercom systems work when everyone’s in the building, but what about those who stepped out for lunch or will be late? And if there’s immediate danger, it’s not always practical to expect someone to announce live updates over a microphone. 

Enter mass communication systems. Mass alert systems simultaneously broadcast alerts to large groups of people via phone calls, text messages, or a combination of messaging styles. If your Milwaukee, WI, organization is new to mass notification software, continue reading to learn how it works and will protect what matters most. 

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How Mass Notification Systems Work 

Our security company, Fearing’s, uses InformaCast, a Singlewire software solution,when we implement an emergency mass notification system. InformaCast starts with detection, which is either activated manually or automated. For example, if someone dials 911, presses a panic button, or sends a command through the desktop app, mass notifications will be instantly deployed. We can also implement automated triggers, like severe weather reports, that will automatically dispatch alerts to your organization. 

Once the alert is triggered, notifications will be sent to everyone in your system database. Notifications can be broadcasted to computers, cell phones, digital signage, overhead paging, fire alarm systems, and even two-way radios. Your security staff can choose from templated alerts or write custom messaging, then target specific groups to send the alerts. Through the InformaCast interface, you can even attach resources like floor plans and security footage to accompany alerts. 

Organizations That Benefit from Notification Systems

Any type of institution can benefit from mass communication software, including: 

InformaCast allows you to create custom messaging that’s applicable to your area of business. A school may want to send mass notifications to remind parents of early dismissals, while an office might tell staff that road conditions are unsafe before they commute to work. You can use the system however you please, for matters serious or informal. 

Case Studies with Singlewire Software 

There are many examples of Singlewire notification systems helping other organizations already. A school district in Texas implemented Singlewire solutions so that alerts are immediately sent to the security team when someone dials 911 within a school building. This feature came in handy when a medical emergency happened on campus. The security team knew that someone had dialed 911 and could respond instantly to the incident. 

And here in Wisconsin, the insurance company Church Mutual looked to Singlewire notification solutions to protect its employees in the Merrill and Madison headquarters. Church Mutual implemented InformaCast notification software so that if any emergency or threat occurs on campus, everyone will be in the loop. Even if staff aren’t on campus, they’ll receive a message on their phone and email informing them of the situation.


If your Milwaukee organization could benefit from a mass notification system, Fearing’s is here to help. Contact us here to learn more about our security solutions, and get started today!