Easily Create Users, Customize Permissions, & Issue New Cards

How does your Milwaukee business currently approach access control? Do you still use keys and physical locks, requiring you to chase down terminated employees’ keys and routinely change the locks? Maybe your business uses key cards or fobs. But is it easy to customize permissions and issue new accounts? 

In 2022, only 41 percent of surveyed businesses claimed their access control system met or exceeded their requirements. If your company is like the majority of businesses and isn’t happy with your current system, there’s an easier way for you to manage access control credentials. 

Our partner Verkada offers cloud-based access control systems to businesses of all kinds. As a Verkada dealer, we install hardware and program the system, then set you up with an intuitive interface for your team to use. Here’s how Verkada can simplify the access control process for your Milwaukee, WI, organization. 

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Why Is Access Control Important?

Access control creates a safer environment by letting you manage who can and cannot enter specific buildings, rooms, and areas. Access control can be used in all types of settings, from university dorm buildings to parking lots and offices. 

Beyond security, you can also leverage access control to measure how many people are coming and going. For example, hybrid businesses use access control data to monitor where and when people are in the office. Access control can help you make informed decisions on building usage and when meetings should occur. 

What Is Verkada?

Verkada manufactures security and surveillance hardware, including cameras, access control readers, intercoms, and air quality sensors. From there, you can control and automate the technology through the Verkada cloud system, accessible on a computer or mobile device. 

The Verkada system is also compatible with third-party tools like Google Suite, Slack, Okta, Office 365, and more. So if an access reader or camera catches unusual activity, it can send a Slack or Google message to relevant teams. 

Using Verkada Access Control

Verkada offers a simplified approach to managing your access control system. Within the interface, you can add new users, create groups, and establish permissions as narrowly as specific doors and elevators. 

Through the Verkada cloud-based system, you can: 

  • Unlock authorized doors from any location 
  • Lock down all doors with one press of a button 
  • Synchronize users in your business and create group permissions 
  • Design badges for key cards 
  • Print ID badges in bulk or individually with supported printers  
  • Deploy Bluetooth and physical ID permission with one click 
  • Revoke user permissions that take effect instantly  

The people in your organization can unlock doors, elevators, and turnstiles with a tap of their key card or automatically gain access through the Bluetooth-enabled phone app. They won’t have to retrieve their smartphone from their bag or pocket—it automatically recognizes the device is near and opens authorized doors. 

Fearing’s Is Here to Help

We’re a certified Verkada dealer and security installer based in the Milwaukee, WI, area. If your business is looking for a smarter way to approach access control, contact us and get started today!