Keeping Employees And Students Safe

Is your business or institution prepared in the event of a shooting? Now more than ever, continued development of smart technologies, especially when it comes to video surveillance systems, is critical.

At Fearing’s, along with our partner Avigilon, this remains top of mind. Integrations with Avigilon and Motorola Solutions software provide an effective solution for the rapidly evolving needs of schools and businesses. Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is now helping to prevent major issues even before they happen.

Recently, ACC 7 introduced Focus of Attention, a groundbreaking video management and business video surveillance software.

ACC 7 uses Artificial Intelligence and video analytics in its live video monitoring to determine what information is important and what should be brought to the attention of security operators. This essential difference can save many lives. ACC 7 makes sure critical events don’t go unnoticed. That includes noting a stranger walking in a secluded stairway or someone walking into a building after hours.

Human error can lead to an intruder walking in undetected, but Focus of Attention does not.

“With the proper system, schools can decrease the time and resources needed to monitor and investigate, while increasing the effectiveness. Education has limited people and resources. By offering technologies that leverage Avigilon Integrations to help take care of the monitoring aspect of video security, Avigilon does a great job of helping users do so much more with less,” said Dan Gabbert, Avigilon Regional Education Specialist, Southern North America. “Security operators can focus their time and attention on response rather than watching video feeds around-the-clock.”

Know Your Security Options

Other features of the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7:

  • Unusual Motion Detection technology: Clarifies what is happening on the monitor, enabling more efficient action
  • Both dark and light themes: Adapts to video surveillance control room environments
  • Data protection and privacy
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Remote viewing from any device

AI is revolutionizing the potential for video surveillance and security in schools and business. Could your business or institution benefit from advanced and more efficient protection? Contact one of Fearing’s security experts today!