Audio Detection And Gunshot Detection Live Demonstration

“Stop guessing, and start responding.” That was the clear message on August 14that an event held at Fearing’s Audio Video Security in Madison, demonstrating  Trinity Gunshot Detection. The partnership between Fearing’s and Trinity started about two years ago, and both have been working to get the life-saving technology in schools and businesses ever since. The demonstration was an open invitation to media, businesses, schools and law enforcement to show exactly how the technology works.

Those in attendance included local businesses and NBC 15, ABC 27 and The Wisconsin State Journal.

“Trinity’s technology is an excellent complement to Fearing’s security division,” said Fearing’s VP of Sales, Chris Matson. “Unfortunately, with recent shootings, it’s a good reminder to understand what technology is available to schools and businesses. At the end of the day, we all share in the responsibility to protect our friends and families.”

The founder of Trinity, Stacy Jax, is a former teacher. She is also a mother and was inspired to pursue the gunshot technology solution after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Not long after starting the company, the relationship between Trinity and Fearing’s formed. “Doug Fearing was excellent in helping connect us to the Madison startup community”, said Stacy. “Fearing’s has been absolutely amazing to work with. Outside of our core team, Doug has been our biggest advocate and helped in getting us exposed to new opportunities and growth.”

Gunshot Audio Detection in Action

The Trinity gunshot detection system is completely automated and functions very similar to a fire alarm. Installation involves Fearing’s security experts placing sensors throughout the interior of a building  These sensors then continuously scan for the sound of a gunshot. If a gunshot is detected and confirmed, the system sounds a building alarm providing valuable seconds to coordinate occupant safety, while simultaneously sending emergency responders critical, specific information allowing them to arrive informed and prepared.

During the demonstration at Fearing’s, an organizer shot a .38 revolver with blank rounds. Attendees were able to see where in the building the shooting happened on a monitor. They could even receive text messages that stated when the shooting took place. That brings us back to the opening quote, “Stop guessing and start responding.” By knowing exactly where the shooting happened and when,  emergency responders are able to react immediately with the information they need.

The event was arranged to show the value of implementation for schools, businesses, such as hospitality, and government facilities.. If you would like to learn more about Trinity gunshot detection technology or see how this security solution could work for you, contact one of Fearing’s security experts today.