Is TaaS More Cost-Effective Than Owning? 

Video displays, monitors, touch screens, speaker systems, surveillance cameras, smart controls, networks—that’s just a sample of technologies that modern businesses use daily. Whether you manage a warehouse or a corporate office, we’re willing to bet there’s a lot of technology running in the building. 

In the past, it was common for businesses to purchase all their hardware, then discard  it once it was no longer needed. Alternatively, companies may lease their technology and AV hardware—but again, they end up owning it. But there’s a third option many businesses in our Milwaukee, WI, area are tapping into: Technology as a Service (TaaS)

TaaS offers more freedom, options, and predictable costs for businesses. If you’re new to the concept of Technology as a Service, discover how it works below. 

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Why Is “As a Service” Better Than Owning? 

You may wonder if it’s really advantageous to subscribe to a technology plan rather than purchase tech yourself. But before you invest in hundreds or thousands of devices, you need to consider if it will generate revenue for your business. Technology is always evolving, and though we might not believe it now, in a few years, all our devices will be outdated. 

You can avoid obsoletion and constant repurchasing (and the hassle of selling or disposing of old hardware) with TaaS. A monthly subscription provides all the tech solutions you need with routine upgrades and updates, similar to how copier plans allow users to upgrade their printers. If something isn’t working, you aren’t stuck with it. TaaS gives companies the flexibility they need. 


TaaS Is Not Leasing 

Technology as a Service may sound like leasing, but it’s quite different. In a technology lease, you’re committed to the specific devices you’re leasing, and would need to start a new lease, likely with a new price, to change it. 

But TaaS encourages subscribers to upgrade technology anytime without waiting for balances to roll over. In a TaaS plan, you’re entitled to service, maintenance, and upgrades anytime.  


Benefits of Technology as a Service 

Instead of purchasing and selling technology over and over—and rather than signing inflexible leases—TaaS allows business managers to change their minds, upgrade, and expand whenever they need. When your company starts a TaaS plan, you’ll: 

  • Get the latest, smartest technologies without extra costs 
  • Upgrade technology anytime to avoid outdated equipment 
  • Obtain the solutions you need now—and we’ll order everything for you 
  • Scale solutions across multiple locations 
  • Avoid investment peaks with predictable monthly payments 
  • Enjoy maintenance and troubleshooting services anytime 


Discover TaaS in Milwaukee 

Could your company benefit from a Technology as a Service plan? If you’d like to learn more, contact Fearing’s Audio Video Security, Milwaukee’s premier TaaS provider. We look forward to working with you!