We can all relate – when it comes to technology, it changes so fast, that unless you are a tech genius, it can be hard to figure it all out.

In a visit to a large apartment complex in Madison recently, one of our team members commented on the elaborate video security system they had. The property manager’s response? It’s great, but I really have no idea how to use it and when something goes wrong, I don’t know where to turn, so I try to get my 13 year old son to help. This was a non-business visit, and this property manager didn’t know of our team member’s connection to Fearing’s. What this comment did was help to confirm, once again, what we hear all too often.


Here are two typical scenarios:

  1. A company decides they need to do something to improve the security for their customers and employees or they have an AV need. To save money, a company tries to figure it out themselves. They do not necessarily trust that they can really count on or depend on someone to advise them – or do not know who to turn to. In all honesty, they quickly learn they are over their head and in many cases, have to spend more money than they would have in the first place by getting outside help to fix the mess.
  2. A company decides to work with a security/AV tech company to put in a system for them but they try to dictate what they need. The company they work with essentially “takes their order” and installs it. When they run into a problem or have a question, they do not know where to turn or who to trust who really knows the answer.

While at Fearing’s, we typically try to write our articles or BLOGS with the intent to educate, not sell to, our clients or prospective clients, we felt this need is important enough to address it and provide direction.

The problem with the two above scenarios is that they were either not able to or willing to allow insight from professional “experts” to give them the best solution. Doing this means they need to know who to talk to, who will assess what they really NEED based on their current and future requirements, who is TRAINED on the right combination of solutions to provide it, and who is able to train their staff on HOW to use the products. That alone is daunting – and sounds time consuming. The other problem is they don’t know where to turn when something goes wrong or when they don’t know how to use it.

Ok, so here is our “pitch”. At Fearing’s we know the above issues for our clients all too well. We’ve been doing this for a while and our mission is to (get ready for the “elevator pitch” . . .) provide PERFECTION for our clients – – – every step of the way. This really comes down to thinking about what we do from our CLIENTS’ perspective. Our clients like that we will listen, ask questions, and steer them in the right direction based on our expertise (we know we have to invest in training for our staff if we are going to do our job right!) and MAKE IT SIMPLE. We know what we do is like a foreign language for you. We are the translators, so to speak.

In addition to what goes into a project, we are also committed to taking care of you after the sale. We have continually made strides to provide the best service AFTER the sale for our clients. Think of it as an insurance policy that all of your cool, high tech solutions will work as you need them to (what a concept!). We could tell you that once you work with Fearing’s on Security/AV projects, all will be wonderful, but we know when it comes to technology, it is not reality. There will be issues at some point. Usually during a really important time – hear of “Murphy’s Law”? When issues come up, you need them fixed —fast. We have a dedicated Service Manager and team ready for you and we are continuously working on improvements to meet and exceed your expectations. We’ve learned that this is not necessarily typical. If you don’t already have a service agreement with us and want to lean on us when needed, get in touch with your Business Executive or contact our service manager, Brad Zimmerman.   Brad is really easy to talk to and he is one of those conscientious types that make him good at what he does.

So, the moral of this story? We really do have you covered. You can trust us! We will work hard to ensure you are satisfied. It’s the mission of every one of us.