Avigilon End-to-end_Security_SolutionsIf only a suspect could be identified immediately after an incident, it could mean one less child would be violated. As tough as this subject is, it can really come down to the evidence and information law enforcement has access to.  In the recent incidents in Madison, Wisconsin, at two popular shopping locations; both have surveillance video of the suspect.  While they are very helpful to the case, when published through social media outlets, the common complaint was the poor quality of the video surveillance.  Everyone can agree the video quality is still better than what we had to work with even 5 years ago, although the way technology is going, the complaint of poor quality will be a thing of the past.  Some examples of the resolution level of what is available now would help someone to be quickly identified and caught, before they can traumatize another innocent victim.  See examples of the difference in video quality of what is out there now and understand the impact it could make: https://youtu.be/9FyRD2YdSmY