By law, companies have a responsibility to ensure conversations that are intended to be confidential are NOT to be heard by others.

Considering HIPPA Laws, this is something every organization needs to take notice of.

The question people ask is, “HOW can I create privacy in my business?” There are ways to do this and the solutions are getting better every day.   There is a solution called “Sound Masking” that can enhance speech privacy and increase employee productivity.

Don’t need “sound masking” everywhere, but want it only in certain key rooms? We don’t want to get too technical here, but one solution that has recently been designed is something called “Qt Conference Room Edition”. It essentially gives a company the “spot treatment”. Conference rooms, the office of the HR Director or President are the areas we get requests for the most – for obvious reasons.

There is a lot more to learn about Sound Masking through one of the top sound masking companies out there: Cambridge Sound Management. Here is a link to a helpful Demo that explains everything you need to know: