When you think of security and safety systems what comes to mind first? I am willing to bet cameras, video monitoring, or entry systems into buildings are the first things that pop up. But what about after those security barriers? What if you’re in healthcare, in which the threat of violence is higher than any other work environment, and a patient gets violent? For most, the logical course of action and decision is to find an alarm or reach for a phone, but what if you don’t have the time, or are incapable of doing so? That’s where RF Technologies comes in with their pin point capable Help Alert® Wireless Staff Duress mobile panic alarm.

RF Technologies recognized the necessity for mobile technology that would enable education, healthcare, and hospitality workers to push for help wherever they are located. Understanding this need, they created customizable radio frequency identification (RFID) and pin point real-time locating system (RTLS) safety and security solutions. Coupled with their PinPoint software, the user of a Help Alert mobile pendant can easily be traced to their location even while on the move in real-time, unlike fixed alarms! The solutions Help Alert Staff Duress technology provides is abundant for different work environments and provides peace of mind for employees. In an educational setting, 83% of public schools have reported at least one act of violence, and these integrated devices can aid in faster response times to attacks as well as curb bullying and other obstructive behaviors with the ability to discreetly and silently alert school districts and local police.

One of the best attributes of Help Alert in addition to being customizable and discreet, is its simple installation. You can leverage your own wireless, saving you time and money with easy integration into any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. This cost effective system will be securing Return on Investment (ROI) for years to come. Why haven’t YOU inquired about it yet?