Companies battle a daily war against travel expenses and employee exhaustion when it comes to traveling from facility to facility for company conferences, meetings, and client relations.  Video Conferencing (VC) isn’t anything new, in fact it’s been around for years but it continues advancing in quality, simplicity, and lowered total cost of ownership.  While some have embraced VC, others haven’t taken the plunge.  Why? We all know that video isn’t the answer to everything when it comes to meetings and employee interaction.  However if you just substitute 3 out of 4 meetings via video conferencing, companies can lower expenses substantially thereby providing a significant return on investment.

There are two primary advantages to video conferencing: increased productivity and lowered travel expenses.  When the right VC system and technology are used correctly it will garner increased productivity.  No longer are VC systems just allowing you face to face conversation, VC can now share data instantaneously across sites.  New cloud based conferencing bridges also allow multiple types of VC systems to communicate with each other increasing the ease of communicating across multiple platforms at lower costs.  All this provides for quicker decision making times to important issues because you aren’t relying and waiting on the traveling employee and nothing is lost in translation.  As your productivity increases, significant dollars can be saved which improves the chance of increasing your profit margins through reduced travel downtown, reduced travels expenses such as fuel costs, airline tickets, meal expenses, and hotel stays, thereby using time more effectively and efficiently.

Whether you’re the CEO or other executive that frequently travels for important visits and meetings, the ability to video conference is an automatic enhancement for your position. When spending a lot of time in meetings and on the road, exhaustion can creep up on you as your quality of life decreases constantly and family time is compromised.  For some, it can hinder their effectiveness in their position because they spend more time visiting clients or partners than getting work done.  By replacing several trips with video conferencing, the time saved could be put into larger projects in the company and allow for more recuperation before the next business trip.

Video conferencing is a way to enhance productivity and save on time and money, while still being able to maintain a presence with remote clients and employees. The capabilities of these systems continue to expand and grow and Fearing’s is dedicated to staying on top of this evolving technology and provide our clients the best for ROI that fit their needs. Stop wasting valuable time and money, and look into integrating the right video conferencing for your business today.