It’s no secret that in our world and society today, security is a primary focus for many companies. Whether you’re in the office or out you want to ensure the facility is safe and all preventative measures are taken. Typically your building is bustling and people are coming in early and staying late and maybe it’s those few over night hours you have to worry about, but with the holiday season many places are closed for multiple days or longer, and maybe your company is one of them. You need peace of mind when it comes to leaving your assets unintended and that’s why you need the right intrusion security system to allow you the comfort and knowledge that, even when no one is around, your building and everything within is safe and secure.

As access control and surveillance security has continued to advance, intrusion alarm systems and sensing devices are no different. The enhanced technologies in today’s alarms allow you to maximize security efforts while still receiving ROI (return on investment). With wireless alarm technology installation has reduced the need for cabling. Today, many alarm systems can now be managed from your mobile device including activating and deactivating the system, allowing for simplicity and convenience partnered with high performance cutting edge technology. In addition, they can be integrated with the other security systems you are using to provide a seamless integration between them which gives you enhanced security and more functionality and simplicity.

Fearing’s Audio, Video, and Security works with several manufacturers who develop state of the art, innovate alarm systems that go above and beyond when it comes to securing and monitoring buildings. We take their product and design/build the right systems that meet the individual needs of our clients. In addition, Fearing’s also offers 24/7 monitoring on any alarm system we integrate. Why not invest in a system? Contact us today to learn how you can receive the peace of mind you deserve by protecting your assets and knowing the security of your business is in reliable hands-your own!