Audio Video And Security Maintenance Agreements

We have all experienced setbacks when technology isn’t working properly. Not only does it happen at the most inconvenient times, but it also costs an organization’s productivity in ways that are difficult to measure. The impact of this downtime cannot be emphasized enough when relying on the functionality of an Audio Video or Security system; proactive preventative maintenance is crucial for a business to continue operating without disruption. Much like other technology and equipment, regular maintenance is a must to maintain system functionality and reliability.

One of the key benefits of having a preventive maintenance plan for your Audio Video and Security systems is that a proactive approach will be taken instead of a reactive approach. This approach leads to minimal downtime, maximum uptime and preservation of our customers’ investment. Preventative maintenance of your systems will not only help preserve equipment life, but it also prevents unexpected maintenance activity during critical times when you need your systems fully functional. Our team of highly trained technicians can remotely diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair Audio Video and Security issues before a problem is noticed by our customers.

Having designed and supplied Audio Video and Security Systems for over 22 years, we’ve built an excellent reputation for delivering, supporting and maintaining Audio Video and Security solutions essential to all areas of business.

“The fact that Fearing’s could do all our AV, security, and cabling for this project really simplified things. Since these systems are very interconnected, using multiple vendors can cause complications in communication and even lead to finger-pointing if communications break down, but we were able to eliminate that possibility by using a vendor like Fearing’s that could do it all.”


Below are some of the key advantages to a Fearing’s Maintenance Agreement:

  • Priority Response
  • Reduced Response Fees
  • Discounted Labor rates
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Free Loaner Equipment
  • Reduced Rates on Equipment

The value of preventative maintenance is significant and should be considered as a major priority whenever integrating an Audio Video or Security system. Repairs and sporadic ad-hoc service calls can add up, but a maintenance agreement will offset those expenses with a manageable fixed monthly fee that keeps your equipment in optimal condition.