The Absolute Best Technologies That Can Keep You Safe

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and gaining greater access to powerful tools that can destroy thriving businesses. Your protection and security depend on staying ahead of the innovative ways that these crooks do harm on a daily basis. As a registered Cisco partner, Fearing’s AVS serves our current and future customers with the absolute best technologies that can keep you safe. Here are three reasons we became a Cisco dealer:

  1. Cisco is the leader. In wired and wireless networking infrastructure, Cisco is a market leader with a proven track record spanning more than 20 years. When it comes to leading innovation of networking technologies, Cisco set many of the current IEEE standards used today.
  2. Cisco equipment is reliable.  Engineered for current networking and security requirements that businesses need today, along with pioneering new cloud-based technologies for the future, Cisco successfully integrates emerging systems with the old. That leads to quick, seamless solutions for secure, remote troubleshooting and predicting outages. Ultimately, it’s all about business continuity, productivity, and profitability.
  3. Cisco now offers cloud-based communication. It’s no longer just a network equipment company. Cisco incorporated cloud-based communications and security solutions when it acquired OpenDNS, Sourcefire, Meraki, Webex, and BroadSoft. Cisco, unlike many other companies that have acquired their competition, CISCO has kept the staff of the acquired companies and created an environment of collaboration.

When Fearing’s joined the large establishment of Cisco’s partners, we gained numerous Cisco resources to keep you and your business safe. We’re thrilled to have Cisco solutions at our fingertips. It means we can enhance the focus we already had on providing the best solutions to our customers.