Alliant Energy Center Video & Digital Signage

When the Alliant Energy Center wanted to update and improve their video presentation offerings in their 12 meeting rooms and provide digital signage outside for customers in the exhibition hall, they turned to Fearing’s AVS. Today, the project is complete and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. What did they get?

  • 5000 and 12,600-lumen laser projectors
  • an upgrade to their electric screens to widescreen format with 133” and 216” diagonal screens
  • Crestron 7” touch panels to each of the rooms to give a very simple user interface to operate the video
  • a new audio system and HDMI digital connections to provide high-quality digital video

The spaces are configured to work independently or have a combined mode feature so when the dividers are open all of the projectors and screens can provide the same content.

“By having the systems fully integrated, the labor savings were huge. By reducing set-up time in labor costs, we were able to pass the savings on to the customers who utilize the system”


For the digital signage outside of each room, the request was to give customers an understanding of what event is going on in each of the 12 meeting rooms and provide both internal and external customer branding. This was done using commercial grade 43” displays mounted in portrait orientation that are designed to run 24/7. The content management software allows the AEC team to seamlessly create and schedule new content over the network based on the upcoming schedule.

Whether for residential or commercial projects, your design and installation contractor will be a key partner, and their expertise in emerging technology is the differentiator that will allow your project to stand out as technology continues to advance. Contact the experts at Fearing’s today to inquire about an audiovideo or surveillance system solutions for your business or home.