It’s April. And while the weather is still “iffy,” everyone is looking ahead to summer break–students and teachers! But just as things begin winding down in your school’s classrooms the next two months, we find ourselves at Fearing’s Audio Video Security revving up in anticipation of installing or updating school safety systems before students return in the fall.

Schools Security Increasing

Photo of school children in a classroom - Fearings's Audio Video SecuritySecurity in our schools has become as important as a student having the books or a laptop needed for an assignment. Fearing’s Audio Video Security has partnered with more than two dozen school districts, universities, and public libraries to provide advanced safety solutions in recent years. A study by the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics indicates 75% of the approximately 400 public school officials surveyed had some type of security surveillance, which was up from 61% in the prior study. Meanwhile, the number jumped from 63% to 82% of school officials responding yes to the use of an electronic notification system, like BluePoint Alert Solutions, to quickly connect with police during a possible threat. Fearing’s AVS is proud to be the exclusive Wisconsin dealer for BluePoint Alert Solutions.

Fearing’s Can Secure Your School

“I don’t know if there’s anything more pressing than safety,” Lindsey Burke, a Will Skillman Fellow in Education at the Heritage Foundation’s Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity says. “And we know from the data that when you interview parents, their number-one concern when they’re looking for a school today, and way before academics, is safety.” So, how do you know if your students are safe in the classroom? One solution doesn’t cover every need. Our team customizes each electronic security solution knowing every building and situation is unique. But more importantly, our goal is to make recommendations, to help protect your students, faculty, staff, and visitors by providing an environment where threats to security are minimized and providing quality education is again the focal point. Please contact Fearing’s to learn about how Fearing’s can meet your school’s safety needs.