4K-Screens: Milwaukee Audio Video Trends in 2016Technology is ever evolving and our job at Fearing’s is to keep our clients up to speed on the most interesting new trends.

Now that we are well into 2016, it’s time for us to share what we see as the trends that have the greatest impact.

The following link gives you the full article to 6 key trends but in a nutshell, these are our top 3:

1. Real-time data collection

This means information can be tracked, captured and shared immediately such as survey or check in results. Gone are the days of learning customer feedback weeks after an event.

2. Blending of digital and physical

Social media is integrated with events and displays for personalized engagement and integrated experiences. This means live digital content and videos/images can create fully rounded campaign.

3. Mobile integration

Convenience and easy engagement are the drivers here. All forms of technology will mimic mobile and provide omni-channel experiences using multiple devices.

There is lots to learn and Fearing’s is here to help you get through it. For more details on audio video trends in 2016 read the full article or contact Fearing’s in Milwaukee or Madison Wisconsin.