One of the fun parts of what we do is enjoy our finished projects. Some are more fun than others – one of our more exciting projects include the new Marcus Palace Cinema in Sun Prairie. If you have not been there yet, we can personally attest to just how fun it is.

The Palace Cinema offers a luxury theater experience with options that include personalized service that allows delivery of your favorite food and drink to your seat, luxury recliner seating, huge UltraScreen DLX® viewing, “Dolby Atmos” sound, and more. Your experience begins when you enter the lobby with its dominant video displays which is where Fearing’s Audio Video Security comes in. Fearing’s provided design support and installation of the AV systems in the lobby and Take Five Lounge.

The Take Five Lounge concept was first launched at the Marcus Point Cinema on Madison’s Big Sky Drive in early 2013 and has now expanded to numerous Marcus Theaters throughout the Midwest. The idea came down to the Marcus wanting to change the times. They knew in the age of Netflix that they would need to provide a reason to get people out of their homes to get back to the movie theatres. If that takes a lounge, dining and an expanded theatre experience that far surpasses your expectations, then that is what it takes.

Fearing’s was first brought into the Point Cinema remodel project to assist in design and installation of the AV systems in the Take Five Lounge and lobby. After several modifications, the project was approved and final completion was in July of 2013. Fearing’s has since traveled to Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, and other Wisconsin locations performing similar installations at other Marcus Theaters. The new Marcus Palace Cinema is the now considered the flagship of their Theaters at this point in time.      

If you have not been there yet, check it out. It’s truly an experience – in fact, our own team gets together for company camaraderie on a regular basis. That’s an idea for you too! Yes, our job sure can be tough at times. Now you know the rest of the story.