Familiar with 4DX? Hmmm… a sports recreational vehicle, a new kind of oil or video technology? Actually it IS a type of video technology but, in this setting, it’s an acronym that stands for a system for achieving Wildly Important Goals (WIG’s) and 4DX stands for the “4 Disciplines of Execution” organization.

So what is Fearing’s WIG? To always create great customer experiences through our technology, innovation, and unrivaled teamwork.

Fearing’s implemented 4DX several months ago to insure we achieve our goal and we’ve been perfecting it as we go. Why? It’s simple – it’s so we can do a better job for you. We feel our team has always worked hard, but as a business, in order for us to achieve our WIG we need to have the right processes and the right checks and balances in place to accomplish this. We have all worked with companies who say they care about their customer but not all of them follow through on what that really takes.

The way it works is each department and team member are involved in the goals and specific items that need to be achieved each day and each week that are in line with our company’s overall goal.

Each week, what has been accomplished is measured against the items. This is where the accountability comes in.

So far our entire team is engaged and excited to be in pursuit of something they helped to build and they each see their unique importance and contribution.

Of course there is more to it than this but to learn more about the Franklin Covey’s “4 Disciplines of Execution” you can buy the book to help your company continue to improve as well. We like to improve our business and enjoy passing along useful information our clients can benefit from as well. Maybe a New Year’s resolution for your company you could consider?

In an upcoming newsletter, we can share with you specifics success stories on how 4DX is working for us.