Get to know the faces behind the hardworking team at Fearing’s Audio Video Security

Fearing’s is full of talented experts who work to make your audio, video, and security dreams a reality. This month we are featuring Jake Smith, AV Design Engineer, from the Audio Video Division. Our AV Division is dedicated to helping sort through the maze of the increasingly complex world of technology.

Here are some fun facts about Jake who has been part of the Fearing’s team for 7 years.

Q: What do you like most about working at Fearing’s?
A: The thing I like most about working at Fearing’s is working with my coworkers and being able to see all the new technology that is constantly coming out. We as a team and company strive to keep up with the changing technology for improving businesses and lives.

Q: Tell us about your life before Fearing’s?
A:  Before Fearing’s, I worked for an AV company in Chicago setting up events in convention centers and hotels. I was setting up projectors, screens, drapery, large wireless microphone systems, stage lighting, and rigging large PA systems almost every day.

Q: Who inspires you?
A:  My family and friends.

Q: Do you call yourself a designer, engineer or both?
A: I’m a Design Engineer on the Audio Visual team.

Q: What is the process that goes into your job from start to finish?
A: We get information for an opportunity, design a custom system to fit the needs of the customer. Then, after review and any revisions, the design will be signed off. Finally, I’ll create the drawings needed for the install crew to use for successful completion.

Q: What expertise does your role play in the overall end goal of projects, what can you offer that other companies, who may not have this position, offer?
A:  Every AV company is going to have a design engineer, but since I was a technician, I know how things were in the field, so I try to make all the documentation as detailed as possible.