Trinity Gunshot Alarm System Partners With Fearing’s

“Shots fired! We have an active shooter situation.”

Those words can shake anyone to the core. Fortunately, there are technologies that can keep people safe and that’s exactly why Fearing’s AVS partners with Trinity Gunshot Alarm System in Baraboo. Once a gunshot is detected and confirmed, it takes less than a second for Trinity to identify where shots are fired, notify building occupants, trigger on-site active shooter procedures and provide critical information to emergency responders.

There’s a powerful story behind the development of Trinity GAS. Its president and founder, Stacy Jax, was an elementary school teacher in Baraboo and mother of a first-grader when the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy occurred. It completely shook Stacy’s world. This was the horrific event that ignited a desire to create instant, multi-level, comprehensive communications in the event of an active shooter incident and the reason Trinity Gunshot Alarm System was born.

The points on the Trinity triangle represent the 3 key stakeholders in any active shooter event:

  • Building occupants
  • Emergency responders
  • Offsite administrators

The lines connecting the points of the triangle represent the communication that is critical. Better communication allows everyone to perform the necessary functions for a faster, more efficient, unified and SAFER response to the very dangerous threat of an active shooter.

Call Fearing’s AVS to help you implement an integrated security system that can keep everyone safe.