Outstanding Audio Performance For Better Business Communications

Do you ever have trouble getting clear, consistent audio in your presentation or meeting spaces? After launching last month, the Shure MXA910 microphone is living up to all the hype.

Deployed in tens of thousands of meeting and presentation spaces, it has quickly become the leading solution in ceiling-mounted audio capture technology with special features that include acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic mixing.

Plus, the new technology continually finetunes the position of each lobe in real-time for consistent sound when participants lean back in their chairs or stand up. It also provides “voice lift” technology, which restores the natural speech level of the talker evenly throughout the room, just enough so audience members can hear each other clearly without straining.

Where is voice lift most useful? In a number of applications and environments, particularly where the conversation is interactive and multi-directional, such as when involving students or audience members in addition to a primary instructor or presenter at the front of the room. In training rooms, lecture halls, and even large meeting rooms, voice lift makes it easier for a person in any part of the room to be heard evenly throughout the space.

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