While we may have noticed as more and more companies are embracing digital and digital signage is becoming more of the norm, there is more to it than just putting up large monitors and connecting a PC running Power Point. We live in an age where nearly everyone is engaged with the content through their mobile device that is constantly glued to the palm of their hands.  So you need to ensure you are capturing your customer’s attention with more then moving images. Having dynamic content certainly plays a role, however the stakes are being raised and a digital signage strategy needs to be developed and implemented to bring your customer’s in and keep them interested. In continuing the theme from my blog on strategic technical trends, lets discuss the growing digital signage trends as 2014 forages forward.

Two ways businesses are improving their digital signage marketing plan is by employing larger and smaller screens in different areas. Huge video walls, some with screens as big as 80 inches, are being integrated grouped together in a pattern that captures the consumer’s interest. Video walls can then engage customers more with their combined use of touch screen and augmented reality features. The second way is to place smaller screens or tablets next to products and checkout areas which entice the consumer by portraying content on a favorable device like an iPad or tablet. Whether the screens are large or small, the most notable thing they have in common is that they are becoming more interactive.

It should come as no surprise having a more interactive display is enticing to a person. With facial recognition technology and touch screens, a lot of marketers are finding ways to create more personalized experiences as potential customers become engaged with their digital signage and actively involved. This leads to the final trend of mobile integration. As the mobile generation, we expect consistency and user friendliness when shopping, whether online, in store, or from our hand held device and by creating content that can be effectively transferred from a digital sign to a phone or tablet, the customer is more likely to make a purchase or sign up for an offer.

By now we should all know the effect technology has on our lives and wisely taking your digital signage to the next level that will creatively engage and interact with your customer is a sure win.  If you haven’t yet, look into the growing trend of augmented reality and digital signage as well and discover the hundreds of options for you to expand upon your signage marketing in ways that work with your vision and will lead to continual success.