Imagine during an endoscopy, the doctor has the ability to detect and find pre-cancerous tumors long before they have the chance to grow.  The possibilities of such early detection would lead to treatment and measures ensuring the health and well being of a patient. How would this be possible? The integration of 4K Ultra High Definition technology into medical facilities and healthcare systems.

Why 4K? The detail and clarity that a 4K display screen offers can provide greater opportunity than anything else on the market in regards to medical imaging solutions in virtual and augmented surgeries, preventative medicines, diagnostics, and more. With an offering of a total resolution of 8.8 million mega pixels , the imagery 4K can deliver in medical applications is better than any other option out there. Sony has started a line of 4k display and camera products, that when used together produce the most outstanding imagery a doctor or surgeon could receive. Doctors with 4K surgical monitors will have greater color contrast, better depth, and sharper details during internal procedures providing higher success rates and understanding of the inner anatomy. In addition X-rays on a 4K screen will provide better imagery of an injury and faster diagnoses.

Couple with Crestron’s 4k Ultra HD distribution technology, the only certified 4k solution, 4K monitors and cameras are the future of the growth of medical imaging technology, allowing for the ability to display with a higher clarity and resolution a number of internal conditions and diagnoses not easily detected before. While the average consumer might be enthralled with 4K and its capabilities, those in the medical field will be the ones vastly benefiting from this emerging technology.