Surveillance issues are a growing concern as of late, and with a saturated market in terms of the best security equipment, it can be hard to discern what’s the better option. This is where Avigilon comes in and separates itself from its competitors as an HD Network Video Management Software and HD camera designer and manufacturer that provides the best surveillance solutions with clarity and ease of use. Whether installing a new system or enhancing your current one, Avigilon delivers superior image quality with maximum coverage for the lowest cost of ownership and higher return on investment.

Maximum footage clarity with minimal bandwidth-who doesn’t want that? Your bandwidth and storage takes a toll often when using high definition surveillance system, however Avigilon uses a High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology that is the exception. It efficiently manages your bandwidth while preserving complete image quality with visual loss-less compression. This system is also the world’s quickest in searching through HD video and management. The easy to use and intuitive interface  on Avigilon Control Center allows for full control over playback, making it easier and quicker to retrieve footage and provide faster response times.

The versatile software was built entirely for HD, allowing you to build a network based off of one or unlimited cameras and providing a stable and flexible network without worrying about a software crash. Have analog cameras? Not a problem for Avigilon; its software is also compatible with existing analog and other IP manufactured cameras.  However Avigilon’s own cameras do offer the broadest range of megapixels, 1 megapixel to 29 megapixels. This range of cameras allow for wider area coverage and greater detail, resulting in fewer actual cameras and lower cost!

Expanding on lower cost, by choosing the Avigilon system you won’t be burdened with reoccurring licensing and software fees that most surveillance manufacturers require. The information here is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Avigilon. This innovative technology sets the bar among any of its competitors and proves time and time again its solution is viable in any industry. Find out for yourself the power and clarity Avigilon can capture by contacting Fearing’s today for a personal demonstration.