Crack Down on Vaping while Respecting Students’ Privacy 

It’s an epidemic sweeping across schools nationwide. More teenagers are vaping than ever, and they’re not just doing it after school while hanging out with friends. Knowing that smoke alarms don’t detect water vapor, kids are smoking in school, often in bathrooms, locker rooms, and hallways between classes.

When younger students witness upperclassmen vaping in school, they’re influenced to think it’s a normal and cool thing to do. Not only are students becoming addicted to nicotine, vaping makes it easier for students to use marijuana during the school day. Students are attending classes high on THC oil, which can harm their learning abilities. In the worst cases, students are being rushed to the hospital after overdosing on THC oil or experiencing unpleasant reactions to vape cartridges. 

So, what can schools do to prevent vaping? Short of surveilling them with cameras or asking them to turn out their pockets, schools have had little defense against vaping—until recently. 

Verkada’s vape detection solutions identify vaping chemicals in the air and instantly alert your school’s security system. Learn how Verkada’s vape detectors can help your Milwaukee, WI, school system below! 

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How Vape Detection Works 

Vape detectors are not the same as smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can only detect air particles that indicate a fire, but when vapes and e-cigarettes are used, a nicotine-based liquid vaporizes and distributes an aerosol mixture into the air. This vapor doesn’t include combustion particles, so it won’t set off smoke alarms. 

Verkada’s Air Quality Sensors are engineered to detect chemical changes in the air and notify school administrators instantly. These sensors can be integrated into your existing school security system so you can monitor alerts and review relevant surveillance footage in one platform.  

Verkada Vape Detectors 

Verkada isn’t the only vape detection solution on the market, but they’re our preferred brand for a few reasons. Unlike other standalone solutions, Verkada’s vape detectors natively integrate with the rest of Verkada’s security systems, simplifying setup and management. 

Verkada’s sensors can also do more than detect e-cigarette vapor and marijuana. Verkada sensors also detect: 

  • Motion and noise 
  • Temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • Air quality 
  • Gas leaks or chemical spills 

In all, Verkada’s air quality sensors create a safer school environment and keep your security or administrative team in the know with automated alerts. Vape detectors can trigger an alarm when vapor is flagged, deterring students from trying again in the future. 

How Vape Detection Helps Schools 

With vape detection in place, students will soon learn that they can’t vape at school, making them much less likely to try it. By preventing vaping at school, some students may avoid starting a lifelong addiction, and younger students will remain ‘above the influence.’ When students attend class sober, they’ll be able to focus and learn, and kids will learn to bond with each other in healthier ways. 

Bring Vape Detection to Your Wisconsin School 

Are you interested in learning more about vape detection systems for your Milwaukee-area school? Fearing’s Audio Video Security is a certified Verkada dealer and can implement air quality and vape sensors for your school. Contact us here to learn more and get started today!